Trump helps Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and Right-Wing Terrorists Advance

There is no doubt that there has been a rise of white supremacy, hate crimes, and domestic right-wing terrorism since the election of Donald Trump. There has been more of this activity in the past months than there has been in decades. Trump and his administration have decided to see it through that they systematically lower the funding into research of right-wing terrorist groups and the acts that they commit. According to Lucy Pasha-Robinson, The Independent, “Donald Trump has reportedly frozen $10 million of grants destined to counter violent extremism in the United States. The Trump administration was reportedly pushing to erase Neo-Nazis and white supremacists from the United States government’s counter-extremism program in February by moving it to focus exclusively on Islamist terrorism. The reclassification would remove its work combating far-right attacks and mass shootings, such as the massacre of black churchgoers in Charleston, which are rarely classified as terrorism by American authorities.” Multiple statistics have shown that right-wing terrorists carry out more domestic attacks and murders than Islamists terrorist groups do. Now obviously that does not mean that we should stop researching into Islamist terrorist groups, we must keep in mind how both types of groups follow their own forms of radical religiosity and racism. Also, how the media discusses the terrorist acts related to Islamic terrorism, more than they cover attacks committed by right-wingers and white supremacists, to advance the notion that Radical Islam is the only terrorist force we are currently encountering. We should not be surprised by what Trump and his administration has done, considering that the entire platform of his campaign was financially invested in the demonization of minorities. Also, how white supremacists had a strong influence in his support and in general were practically a prized voting block for Trump’s campaign. The Right of course love this, because the messages the Neo-Nazis and the white supremacists want to deliver is reminiscent. The Republican platforms in recent years have surrounded itself around white supremacy, misogyny, and anti-LGBT rhetoric, as well as the endorsement of physical violence and terrorism.


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