Mike Pence and Gay Conversion Therapy Torture

Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States has had a long history of homophobia. It has been reported that in 2014, Pence passed the “Religious Freedom” bill, which allows religious and even secular discrimination towards the LGBT community in every scenario. Mike Pence has stated multiple times that he endorses gay conversion therapy, along with their methods. He has also stated that he believes that the government and the state, should fund gay conversion centers through taxpayer’s dollars. Mike Pence believes minor gay children should go through the following methods that abide by the gay conversion procedures. Electroconvulsive shock, cold showers, lobotomies, exorcisms, experimental ways of sexual reassignment surgery, such as genital transplants or mutilations. Mike Pence also believes in injecting minor gay children with Strychnine, which is a form of plant poison. There have been notable scenarios of gay children being beaten with baseball bats, bottom paddles, and cattle prods, in front of their mothers. The gay conversion centers claimed that being beaten in front of their mothers has a psychological effect on their patients. And that these methods would “cure” them, due to what Mike Pence publicly claimed is the “change in their sexuality and behavior”. For the past decades, there have been multiple books, articles, and documentaries that discuss the psychological effects gay conversion therapy patients face. The psychological effects are mainly PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), along with hallucinations and nightmares that are extracted from their memory. Gay conversion centers are funded by many evangelical Protestant and Catholic churches across the nation. Mike Pence has also publicly stated that he wants to use HIV/AIDS research money that certain corporations had received to fund gay conversion therapy centers that commit these acts.




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