Torch-Wielding White Supremacists chant Nazi Slogans and “Russia is our Friend” at a pro-confederate monument rally

Nazi-Saluting Richard Spencer as well as other conservatives had traveled to Charlottesville, South Carolina, to protest a City Council vote to remove a Confederate monument. They had organized groups of people to participate in a KKK-style protest, where they wielded torches and chanted, “You will not replace us, you will not destroy us”, referencing their opposition to multiculturalism and globalism, the Nazi chant “Blood and Soil”, as well as “Russia is our Friend” in favor the oligarchial way of life. These chants are used, just like their false propaganda and statistics, to of course advance the notion that whites are being persecuted and that whites are experiencing genocide. To advance the notion that America is a white, Christian nation that must preserve its “European Identity” and “traditional values”. What Richard Spencer fails to realize, just like so many on the Radical Right is that this country advanced itself based on multiculturalism, globalism, and social liberalism. Not the racism, xenophobia, and far-right politics, brought to us through fascism and hatred. Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer released a statement on the rally, “This event involving torches at night in Lee Park was either profoundly ignorant or was designed to instill fear in our minority populations in a way that hearkens back to the days of the KKK.” It is important to keep in mind in times such as the Trump Era, that it is dangerous to allow the Right to dictate to us and twist the historical narratives, because it allows them to spread their Un-American hate speech and demonization of other people that can deteriorate democracy.



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