We Must Stand Up to Police Brutality

What so many people, especially some Americans, fail to realize is that as early as the seventeenth century, the police have always been the opposition of social and political justice. Police day-by-day “carry out the law”; even if the “law” violates the basic human rights of someone that are supposedly guaranteed. Groups of people whose basic human rights are violated by the police are of course minorities, such as members of the African American, Latin, and LGBT community. As well as people who obtain a lower socio-economic status. Cases regarding police committing sexual assault, rape, beatings, torture, and the murder of unarmed people from these minority communities are undeniably at a record high. If we examine history starting from the late nineteenth century, people who have fought for their basic human rights have been from these communities, and the Police have been on the side opposed to this. In the early twentieth century, the Police murdered the union workers who were striking for livable wages. There were several cases regarding how Police raped the Suffragettes who fought for women’s rights and at the time, a woman’s right to vote. The Police regarding ethnic minorities, wanted to “carry out the law”, in a way that would preserve and prolong racial segregation. And there were cases regarding that the Police would travel to the ghettos to beat, torture, and murder Black and Latino men, as well as rape their wives and younger daughters for their amusement. These cases of course support the old saying “The Police and the Klan go hand in hand”. When people think of ghettos, people tend to think of a part of a city in which members of an ethnic minority group live, typically as a result of social, legal, or economic pressure. However, this is not necessarily true, people tend to forget of the LGBT ghettos, where the police would also carry out these same acts for their amusement. Fortunately, what some Americans have recognized is how the police are not charged for the crimes they have committed, which involve torture, rape, and murder. The Police are generally not charges regarding the murder of unarmed people and people who pose no physical threat to them whatsoever. This pattern is not going away anytime soon, considering their mass support comes from white supremacist, white nationalist, anti-women, and the anti-LGBT masses. Plus, the Police valorize their own victimization and perceived notions of persecution, in order for us to ignore the daily human rights violations they commit. They are also praised by some for simply “carrying out the law”, regardless of whether or not it violates basic human rights or legitimizes racism, misogyny, and Anti-LGBT violence and rhetoric. What we the people must do is request for a mass reform of police departments across the nation. Police Departments must change, and remove themselves from their own fascist behaviors embedded in superiority complexes, sexual indiscipline, prejudice, and amusement through physical torture and violence.


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