Radical Right Pushes for Muslim Internment Camps

There have clearly been many conservative politicians and members of the conservative media in the U.S. and Europe calling for “certain measures” to combat Islamic terrorism. The “certain measures” that conservatives are promoting these days are Muslim internment camps. Far-Right Extremist Nigel Farage, who played the most influential role in BREXIT, commented on the Manchester terrorist attack on Fox News. He said there should be “genuine action”, and that “if there is not action, the calls for internment will grow”. Michael Savage, the radical conservative radio host, stated that Ariana Grande having another concert to commemorate the dead victims of the terrorist attack is “not the answer to fighting Islamism”. And later said, “how do we know, having internment camps didn’t help us win the war?”, referring to the internment camps of World War II. Is the right-wing advocating for World War II-style internment camps? Is this one of the mechanisms the Radical Right will use in order to push their racist agenda against all Muslims? It is very clear how ignorant and bigoted Trump supporters are, and yes, even the “White Working Class” Trump supporters who voted for him for “economic reasons”. However, the problem is that they are like blind sheep. They will listen and believe every single thing that Donald Trump were to say and do. If Trump ever brought about the idea of Muslim internment camps to his colleagues or to the public. Which to be honest, would not be so different from his Muslim Ban, this country could take a very dark and dangerous turn. Which is what the Right would want in order to advance their message and agenda, to persecute racial minorities, and to prolong and advance white domination, for the years to come.


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