The Police Use Rape As Punishment

In Washington D.C., police officers used rape as a form of punishment after the Donald Trump Inauguration protests. As many can remember, the Inauguration protests were mostly composed of peaceful protestors and curious journalists upholding their first amendment rights, along with the Trump supporters who were present in order to attack them. The police had arrested many of the peaceful protestors, simply just for protesting, they were not involved in any form of looting, rioting, destruction of private property, or physical violence. There were even people who were simply in that area, who were not even involved in the protests at all, but were rounded up anyway due to the fact they could possibly be associated with the protestors. Bringing many to question, how the police arresting the protestors was constitutional to begin with, in any sense. According to Alan Pyke from ThinkProgress, police officers in the District of Columbia touched their testicles and “fingered” the arrested protestors for their humor and amusement. Shay Horse, a photojournalist from the ACLU stated, “ I felt like they were using molestation and rape as punishment. They used those tactics to inflict pain and misery on people who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.” These recent events have of course become a topic of what the mainstream media claims as “nonpartisan conversation”. And it’s strange how the mainstream media has to emphasize how nonpartisan the conversations regarding these recent events are. Have the mainstream Republicans become so violent and radicalized to the point that they don’t recognize the basic human rights of U.S. citizens who are upholding their first amendment rights? It seems as if the Right claims they themselves are upholding “free speech”, when attempting to legitimize their Muslim Ban, the regression of female reproductive rights and LGBT rights, and “Trump’s Wall”. However they are “offended” when peaceful protestors protest an Inauguration? Another thing that should not be a surprise to the American public at all, is how the Police use rape and molestation as a mechanism of fear and intimidation. The Police have been using rape as a mechanism for centuries, and they have always been eager to control and dominate people they know they could take advantage of, because the government fails to recognize their rights. The Police used to rape slaves, they raped many women of ethnic minorities during the era of segregation, they raped feminists and women’s rights activists, as well as members of the LGBT community. So even though cases regarding the protesters are new, the methods the Police used are ancient. And it should not be difficult for people to recognize that.


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